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Posters Climate Change

Educatieve platen over klimaatverandering met Engelse tekst

Posters Climate Change to draw attention to climate change. You don't have to be a superhero to save the world, together we make a difference. The posters were made to teach about global warming in schools and school strikes for climate.

Posters climate change

Poster to draw attention to climate change. The posters were made to pay attention to global warming in schools. What is climate change and what are its consequences? To what extent are the students already familiar with the greenhouse effect and how does it work? What do the students already know to say about this? Which country will be affected by the changes? What will it look like then? (Flora and fauna). Does this affect the people and animals that live there? What can the students themselves do to help? All these questions can be discussed together with the students.

Take care of our planet so: recycle

Awareness of climate change

The posters make students even more aware of global warming. You don't have to be a superhero to save the earth, together we make a difference and that is possible with small changes.

Cause and effect of Climate change 

The change is caused by humans. By using fuels such as gas, coal and oil, CO2 is released into the air. CO2 or carbon dioxide is bad for the environment. It creates a layer of gas around the earth, through which the light can pass, but where the heat cannot escape. This causes the greenhouse effect which causes the temperature on earth to rise. The polar caps and glaciers will melt, causing more water to end up in the sea. It will also rain more often and harder. In all dry areas, such as in the desert, it will become even drier.

Posters Climate Change